Why You Should Never Try To Clean Up Water Damage By Yourself

water damage cleanup greensboroAt first glance, water damage can often seem pretty insignificant. You may think that you can use towels and electric fans to dry up all the water you can see, and that will do the trick. However, this is not enough. Here are some reasons why you should not clean water damage by yourself.

Water Damage Causes Mold Growth Where You Cannot See It

If you have experienced water damage in your floors, walls, or ceiling, it has likely affected your insulation. Not drying up water can lead to mold growth in as little as 24 hours. Mold grows and spreads, and it can be detrimental to your health to live with it in your home, especially if you have any health problems related to breathing or your immune system. To get specific areas adequately dried from water damage, sanitized, and prevent mold growth, it is essential to reach these areas of your house where you cannot see.

Standing Water From Flooding Can Be Dangerous To Touch

Sometimes extreme weather can bring extreme flooding, especially in basements. Faulty appliances can also leak and cause flooding. Whatever the cause may be, if you have flooding in your home, it is best not to come in contact with it. Water can contain all sorts of bacteria that you do not want to touch, especially if it includes sewage water. And if standing water has reached any electrical outlets, you could be at risk of electric shock if you come in contact with it, which is very dangerous and could even be fatal. If you can safely turn off the cause of the flooding, do so. If you are concerned about the water being electrically charged, turn off your house’s power just to be safe, and then call the professionals to help you get it dried and cleaned up safely.

Home Equipment Is Not Enough To Get The Job Done Thoroughly

Do-it-yourself projects have the appearance to make it easy to cut corners. Cutting corners can be pretty dangerous when it comes to water damage cleanup. The water might not be entirely dry, leading to further damage later, or areas will not be thoroughly cleaned and restored to their previous state. Professional water damage restoration companies have the equipment needed to ensure that the damage is repaired. They can even find and dry the areas of your house that you do not see or think about to make sure that no further damage is done and that you will not need more repairs later.

Why Deal With All That Stress Yourself?

You might think that it is cheaper to clean up water damage yourself. However, if water damage is not cleaned wholly and correctly, it can cause further structural damage to your foundation, drywall, insulation, and other areas that you do not see very often. And why would you want to deal with any of the stress that comes with a home repair? Save yourself the worry of the repair not being the best that it can be, and just let the professionals take care of it for you. 

Water Damage Cleanup—Greensboro

If you are dealing with water damage in the Greensboro area, call of Restoration 1 of the Triad to help you get it cleaned up. They can get the water thoroughly dried and cleaned so you can have your home and possessions back the way you want them.