Water Damage And Rentals

Water damage is very common and no one is exempt from becoming a victim of it. From business owners to homeowners, any landowner or property owner runs the risk of being affected by water damage. Including rental properties. As a landlord, what do you need to know about water damage and the cleanup process?

Common Causes Of Water Damage – Greensboro, North Carolinawater damage cleanup greensboro

There are a few different causes of water damage you might be faced with as a landowner and landlord. Plumbing problems are one of the most common because there are so many different plumbing systems within a building. Appliances are another common cause of water damage because they can malfunction or break. Natural disasters or weather events are another cause of water damage due to the effect they can have on the roofing or structural parts of a rental property. 

Tenant Responsibilities

As a rental property owner or a landlord, you do not see all of the signs of early water damage, it is important to make sure the tenant knows or has responsibilities to help aid in preventing water damage. Tenants should quickly report any signs of water-related issues or water damage to their landlords. Tenants should also take preventative measures by staying on top of cleaning and maintaining the water sources within their property.

Cleanup Steps

It is so important to be aware and catch signs of water damage or potential water damage early. This allows for immediate action to take place in order to prevent further damage and start the cleanup process quickly. Be sure that both landlords and tenants are on the same page and understand the process they should follow when water damage does occur. In severe cases, it is important to call your local restoration company immediately for them to be able to mitigate the damage and help restore your property. 

Lease Considerations

In your lease agreements, be sure to include a portion about how both landlord and tenants should handle water damage events. Also, discuss the importance of renters insurance to protect the possessions of tenants in the event of water damage occurring and how it can also protect the landlord. When water damage does happen, be sure to include a process in place in your lease to help with documenting the aftermath of the repairs for communication purposes. 

Plan For Emergencies

Water damage emergencies are not completely avoidable. Sometimes they happen regardless of the precautions taken or the maintenance that has been done. That is why it is still important to have an emergency plan in place, have a relationship with your local restoration company, and know how to contact them quickly. Reach out to our team at Restoration 1 of Winston/Salem if you need help getting an emergency plan in place for your rental property and tenants. Our team is highly experienced and will make sure to provide you with the help you may need in the event of water damage. Our experts are ready to jump in and take on the challenge of water damage cleanup.