Water Damage Cleanup -Common Causes For Restoration 1 of the Triad Homeowners

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There are a plethora of sources from which water damage can occur; too many to discuss in a single post. Similarly, trying to address and be prepared for every single possibility of water damage can be overwhelming. Instead, it is best to focus on the sources that account for the vast amount of water damage. The causes listed below are some of the most commonly encountered by our water damage cleanup experts at Restoration 1 of the Triad that you should be aware of. 

Water Damage Cleanup In Restoration 1 of the Triad

Old/Damaged Roofs

Your roof is one of your first lines of defense against flooding and the elements. A problem as simple as a broken or cracked shingle can pose a serious threat. You should take a few minutes every couple of months to get on your roof and inspect it for damage, especially if it is old. You should also get on your roof and inspect it after a large storm since that is the time when it is most likely for your roof to be damaged. However, as inconvenient as it may be to check your roof this should be a top priority because of the large extent of floodwater that can enter your home through a damaged roof.  

Mother Nature

Even despite your most diligent water damage prevention and cleanup efforts, Mother Nature sometimes has different plans. Extreme weather events like tornadoes, hurricanes, flash floods, and others can overload your home’s defenses and land you in a heap of water damage trouble. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to keep water damage from inclement weather at bay or at least minimize the damage. First, make sure you secure any loose items in your yard. The high winds from a hurricane can pick up loose items and send them hurtling toward your home and shatter your windows. Second, move your valuable possessions vulnerable to water to higher ground so they will be safe even if the ground level of your home floods. Finally, buy sandbags and place them around the points of entry to your home so they can absorb much of the water that makes it to your home. 

Damaged Pipes And Drains

A damaged pipe can lead to a major water damage cleanup disaster. Hundreds of gallons of water can spill out of a pipe that has a crack under a centimeter in size. Make sure your pipes are in good repair so you don’t encounter this disaster in your own home! It can cause you a costly water damage cleanup in the long run

Broken Appliances

Certain appliances like refrigerators, water heaters, and washing machines need large amounts of water to function. Usually, this isn’t a concern, but if they are compromised in some way they are a disaster waiting to happen. It is well worth your time to take a few minutes every couple of months to inspect your appliances and make sure they are functioning properly. 

As you focus on the main causes of water damage listed above, you will be well on your way to preventing water damage in your home. Should water damage still occur, however, give us a call at Restoration 1 of the Triad for our cleanup services as soon as possible.