The Five Types Of Floods That Can Damage Your Home

water damage cleanup greensboroNot all floods are created equal. In practice, there are many different types of flooding, each with its own unique challenges and threats. Knowing the source of your flood and how to restore your home and property afterward may be best left to the professionals. 

Water Damage Cleanup Greensboro

Our water damage restoration professionals at Restoration 1 of the Triad are trained to deal with the fallout from all types of flooding. Here are five of the main types of floods and the unique dangers they pose for your home.

River Flood

River flooding can occur year-round and occurs when water levels rise over the river banks. Some of the main triggers for a river flood are excessive rain, thunderstorms, ice dams, and large snow melts. These can all provide enough excess moisture to allow the river water to flow over the river banks. River floods are especially dangerous because they are composed of water that may contain different bacteria and contaminants. Contact with or ingestion of contaminated floodwater can lead to serious disease or illness. Do NOT attempt to clean up river water from your home unless you are sure it is safe for you to do so.

Coastal Flood

Though similar to river flooding, coastal flooding is distinct in important ways. It can be triggered by heavy rainfall, but high winds and high tides can also lead to coastal flooding. Fortunately, if you live near the coast, you should be more prepared to deal with the effects of a flood since flooding is a constant threat near the coast.

Storm Surge

A storm surge is an abnormal rise in the water level in coastal areas. This is caused by forces generated by severe storm winds, waves, and low atmospheric pressure. Storm surges are scary because they can happen with little warning and create extremely high tides. A storm surge is often the greatest threat to life and property from a hurricane. A prime example of the damage and devastation that can be caused by surges is Hurricane Katrina. At least 1,500 people directly or indirectly lost their lives during Katrina as a result of the storm surge.

Flash Flood

A flash flood is the result of heavy or excessive rainfall in a short amount of time. Often, it takes no more than six hours to go from no threat of flooding to a flood occurring in the case of flash floods.

From Your Own Plumbing

Lastly, you are more likely to deal with water damage in your home from an internal issue rather than a storm. Leaky pipes, clogged sinks, or broken appliances are some ways water damage can originate inside your home.

Floods, in whatever form they come in, are one of the most serious threats to your home. No matter the type of flood you are dealing with, we at Restoration 1 of the Triad are here to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call if your home is ever damaged by a flood or any other type of water damage.