Insulating and Protecting Your Home From Water Damage

Water Damage Cleanup GreensboroReal estate in the Research Triangle is on fire. Greensboro homeownership rate is almost 50%. Home prices continue to climb,  but are predicted to slow to 4% increase in 2022.  And while your home may be worth more than it was last year, you certainly don’t want to throw away money due to leaky and inefficient windows. 

During the winter, you worked hard to keep the warm air in and cold air out. Now, you are fighting to hold in the A/C.  So there is never a better time than yesterday to find and seal any leaks around your house. Take a few minutes now to check your home’s integrity against air and moisture leaks.

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Drafty windows lose both hot and cold air. The Department of Energy estimates that inefficient windows cost homeowners more than $300 annually.  At any time of year, look for air leaks from small cracks in the caulking or rubber seals. Many can be repaired with a sealer or weather stripping as a short term solution.

During the winter, condensation can visibly pool around some windows; you must investigate further.  Monitor any wooden sill, sheetrock walls, and any porous surfaces that have been  (or could be) damaged by this persistence source of water.

If your personal inspection reveals lots of leaks, it’s time to upgrade to modern, efficient ones. While tighter seals lower energy costs, a tightly sealed building also holds more humidity. This could result in even more condensation after these improvements. 


Unlike windows, however, door weather stripping wears out earlier. For example, the foam insulation in aluminum doors deteriorates in less than 10 years. Then the metal will transmit that Georgia heat inside. 

But water leaks under are even more damaging. The threshold, frame, floors and door itself are all vulnerable to weakening, rotting, and staining. Restoration 1 – Winston/Salem will diagnose the seriousness of your situation and recommend remapping or replacing the entire door.  


In some situations, you ‘ll see damaged areas on your roof while standing out in the garden. But tiny cracks and leaks are a lot more difficult to find. Climb up into your attic, search for water stains or mildew patches where condensation or water leaks have developed. 

Next, turn your thermostat fan to “On”. With all of your outside windows and doors closed, this will create positive pressure. Carry a lighted candle and search the edges of the attic : the floor, the top of the roof and the seams between roofing boards. The flame will flicker when outside air is blowing in.

Finally, send someone up a ladder to check for areas of damage that could let air or water into the home. A roofing company can repair the shingles; Restoration 1 of the Triad can find and repair the resulting damage in the home.   

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Leaks resulting in water intrusion can damage your home plus lead to the growth of mold or mildew. Invest a little time and money into making your home more efficient. And if you discover leaks or water damage, address it immediately. Trust the professionals at Restoration 1 – Winston/Salem to identify and solve any resulting problems. 

Plus, the highly trained water damage cleanup technicians are experts in water removal, clean up, and restoration. Every team member in your home is certified by the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Call for immediate assistance. Or check out helpful downloadable disaster forms and checklists.