The After Effects Of Fire Damage Restoration 

A fire in your Restoration 1 of the Triad home is devastating. Fires leave little behind, and what is left is often charred and plagued by smoke and soot. Fires are dangerous, even after the flames have been extinguished. Because of the amount of damage and danger left behind from a fire, you should never attempt fire damage restoration on your own. The fire damage restoration experts at Restoration 1 of the Triad are here to let you know why.

Fire Damage Restoration In Restoration 1 of the Triad

After a fire occurs, smoke and soot byproducts are left to linger and spread throughout the affected area. Since many combustible items do not burn cleanly during a fire, the chemicals left behind in the soot can be extremely dangerous. Toxins are released, along with other harmful byproducts, as different items burn, and these byproducts are left behind covering every surface. Some everyday items found in most homes that will release dangerous byproducts after a fire include wood products, plastics, carpets, fabrics, wool, foams, materials containing asbestos, and household cleaning agents. Because smoke and soot can linger for several weeks following a fire, these thick layers of soot can prove to be difficult to remove – not to mention risky. The health risks caused by exposure to byproducts of burned items are serious and should not be ignored. 

Breathing in smoke is obviously bad for your lungs, but even after the flames have extinguished, the lingering odor can be just as detrimental. Porous materials like drywall, wood, furniture, and carpet are known to hold onto smoke, and the smell lingers in and around the affected area. When inhaled, the byproducts of smoke and soot can cause many different respiratory symptoms like coughing, shortness of breath, asthma, and bronchitis. Without the use of proper safety equipment and respirators, you should not expose yourself to the harmful effects of smoke and soot. Professional fire damage restoration crews have adequate breathing equipment and training to keep themselves safe from the harmful effects of smoke and soot inhalation and harmful fumes. 

Exposure to left over smoke and soot make breathing more difficult and can also cause serious irritation to the eyes and skin. Because the byproducts of smoke and soot are extreme skin irritants, attempting to wipe down surfaces covered in soot can expose you harm and injury. Lingering soot and ash can also still be hot, even if they do not appear to be and serious burns have occurred when people have attempted to clean up after a fire on their own. Professional fire damage restoration technicians are well equipped and properly protected from these dangers, and have the training, experience, and equipment necessary to safely and thoroughly remove surface soot and ash, while minimizing their exposure to harmful substances. 

Not only is your health at risk from byproducts of ash, smoke, and soot when attempting to clean up after a fire, but the structural integrity of your home is compromised putting yourself at major risk of fatal injuries due to failing ceilings, collapsing walls, and other structural malfunction and deterioration. You should never attempt to re-enter a home that has suffered fire damage until it has been deemed safe by a professional. Without the proper training, experience, and equipment, you put yourself in harm’s way when trying to restore your home after a fire on your own. You are dealing with enough as it is following a house fire, let Restoration 1 deal with the rest. Our trained professionals can safely and correctly restore your home, providing you with peace of mind that your property is in the best hands and you and your loved ones are not exposed to unnecessary harm.