Preventing And Restoring Home Fires

What Starts Fires?

Some people find fire fascinating to watch. It provides warmth on cold days and can be used for cooking. Though fire can be desirable and useful, it can also be very destructive. Home fires can cause stress and panic, understandably. There are many ways home fires start. Fires can be caused by cooking equipment, heating, smoking inside, electrical equipment, candles, children, accidents, faulty wiring, barbeques, flammable liquids, and lighting. Outside sources such as wildfires, fireworks, or lightning could cause a home fire as well. If any of these causes set fire to your Restoration 1 of the Triad, North Carolina home, be sure to call Restoration 1 to restore your home from fire damage.

The Restoration Process

The restoration service provided by a professional company is detailed and thorough. Whether your property is commercial, a home, damaged extensively, or slightly damaged, the professional fire damage restoration team will follow a general plan to bring your property back to its original state. First, any items that are not salvageable will be removed. This may include furniture, flooring, and appliances. After this, a better inspection of the property damage will take place so technicians can form a plan unique to your situation. The repair and restoration will then officially begin. The HVAC system will be repaired (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning systems). Any water damage from putting out the fire will then have to be extracted. Any of the salvageable items that survived water and fire damage will be repaired and restored. Air ducts are restored, and the next step is to ensure that there is clean, fresh air flowing throughout the entire home. Smoke is a large side effect of fires. Smoke leaves a strong odor that will need professional equipment for removal. Professionals will be sure to remove any traces of smoke and the odor that comes with it. The restoration work completed will be efficient and high-quality. You can trust Restoration 1 to clean up your fire damage because each of their individuals is certified through the Air Quality Association (AQA) and the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Ways To Prevent Home Fires

You may use fire, gas, or electricity to cook your food. AAnyoneof these cooking sources could cause a fire, which is why it is important to never leave anything cooking unattended. Try not to get distracted or forgetful while cooking, and use safe cooking techniques. Be especially careful when cooking with oil. Always be sure to turn off kitchen appliances such as your stove or oven when you are not using them.

Portable heaters need to be monitored. If they are too close to clothing, curtains, carpet, or furniture for too long, they could cause a fire. It is also wise to get your furnace checked out once a year to make sure it is meeting safety standards and working properly. If you like to use candles, make sure you never leave them unattended in a room. A candle could easily flicker or catch a breeze and set fire to any surrounding items. A candle could also get accidentally knocked over and start a fire.

Remember, if you do experience a fire, call Restoration 1 immediately to reduce the amount of damage to your property.